Each year, hundreds of foreign companies especially, the SMEs and individual entrepreneurs along with the locals opt for Singapore company formation. Not all of them have the updated knowledge about how things in Singapore work. The entrepreneurs have many choices when it comes to incorporating a Singapore company. The process for it is simple and same for all the business entities. Moreover, there are Singapore company registration services to assist them with the task. The entrepreneurs from all over the world value political stability, pro-business government, effective legislation, strong laws protecting intellectual property, easy access to funding, and lower taxes rates. Singapore offers all of these and much more. It has a well-established startup ecosystem and a number of schemes and programs to support the entrepreneurs wishing to set up a company in Singapore. Once the business owners submit incorporation documents to the company registration services Singapore who initiates the process of Singapore company formation with the Singapore company registrar.

company registration services Singapore

Formation of a company

It is easy to answer questions like, “Are foreigners allowed to set up a company in Singapore?” Yes, they are. Both locals and foreigners above the age of eighteen years are eligible for registering a Singapore startup. A large number of them outsource the task to the Singapore company registration services.

The business owners can choose from many business structures available to them. The individual entrepreneurs, both foreign and local, can hire one of the reputed Singapore company registration services to register their Sole Proprietorship, Limited Liability Partnership, Private Limited Company, or an Exempt Private Company.