Steps to pick a perfect cell phone amplifier

We have been involved with the internet and when we began to do some travel it became evident that we would need to find some way to take our internet and purchased an RV. We looked into Systems and phone companies that are different trying to discover a service that would enable us to speak with our office and work. The World Wide Web is slow although satellite programs are fine when stationary, they are costly and they are too tough when traveling, to install. It seems our choice that is portable was a data card. It was unstable when and when traveling in a rural location when we were inside a city area while this worked well. We discovered Cellular Signal Amplifiers and it solved our problem. We were so hooked that we decided to provide these solutions.

amplificateur cellulaire maison

In A nutshell here is how it works. a mobile signal sent from a cell tower is picked up by an outside antenna, which transmits it into an amplifier which boosts the signal and sends it into an internal antenna that your telephone or data card picks up. The reverse happens when sending back the signal to the cell tower. This works with the Online EVDO signal and the telephone signal. The Reply to the Question will depend on what you require.

You need to have a Signal to start with to boost it. There’s nothing if there’s absolutely no signal. Your signal can be affected by several things. Hills, Wet trees, weather metal, largely and electric power lines, space to the cell tower. The FCC, first the energy allowed, so to not interfere with different frequencies. Examine power and the amplifier’s gain out. Gain is the amount of times as mentioned previously. Profit is expressed in db’s to make numbers easier to compose. The power is 3 watts. The sound is distorted if profit is routed into 3 watts of power and electricity is wasted. Since we need a cell phone amplifier not an education use as a premier for cars and 50 db’s to 60 db’s for houses, 40 db’s. Motor-homes can be considered home, automobile or way. For out and interior Omni directional antennas is approximately 20 to 25 feet the space necessary. Amplificateur cellulaire maison ought to be used if the Motor-home is shorter than that or a directional inside antenna.

Let’s start with mobile systems. In Semi or a vehicle you have limited space to organize components. The stronger the amplifier the more space is required between the antenna as well as the antenna so there is not any oscillating interference with the signs. In a car Amplifier would not work because of the vehicle’s amount.